I had a rehearsal last night with infamous Henderson Brothers (Nick and Cam)… They will be joining me for my Union Hotel gig this Thursday night. I’m pumped for it! We’ve got a great set of songs ready to go with a few new ones included.

Here’s the Facebook event:


Just this morning, I also received a call booking in a gig at The North End Cafe in Maroubra. That’s this Sunday from 12pm-2pm.

The place is just reopening after a short time closed due to change of ownership. It’s a highly rated joint on sites like eatability etc. and hosts some of Sydney’s finest lazy Sunday musicians.

For more info, look right at my sidebar.

P.S. This is my first attempt at including a feature image with posts! I think this makes the RSS feed more interesting or something…


Speak soon.

You know what’s really daunting? Looking at a blog such as the one on my website and thinking about what to write. How am I going to fill out enough words to justify this post as readable?
I’ve had an epiphany. I don’t need to write up long posts. Small and sharp is where it’s at.
Expect more updates… shorter updates…

New gigs have been added to my calendar on the right. A big highlight of these is the gig at the Union Hotel in Newtown this Thursday night. I’ve organised the guys to play with me for it. Big expectations 😉

Recording has been halted lately due to life commitments. But it should kick back up shortly.

I’ve also just moved house! I’m now living in Marrickville.


Speak soon.