Hey Friends,

At my Hive Bar gig on Tuesday night, I was approached by some friendly audience members who help run Beejay’s Cafe and Wine Bar in Marrickville on Illawarra Rd.

Beejay's Cafe and Wine Bar

After some short conversation, they asked me if I’d be interested in starting a residency in Beejay’s for every Thursday @ 7pm. I said yes. How exciting is this?! Regular gigs at two wonderful inner-west bars. I couldn’t be happier.

I’ll keep you posted and try to record some videos for my Youtube channel at some of these gigs. There are also already events made for the next 4 gigs in my gigs list to the right of this page. Click on that for more information.

Also, just incase you forgot… PLEDGE TO MY DEBUT ALBUM?!?


-Speak soon.

Hey Everyone,

As of next Tuesday the 6/5/14, I’ll be commencing a fortnightly residency over at The Hive Bar in Erskineville. This’ll have me playing a heap of my original stuff, both old and new, and a tasteful assortment of covers from folk, blues, country and traditional styles.


The Hive Bar has a fantastic assortment of tasty beers on tap and cheap pizzas every Tuesday (the night that I’m there!).
If you live in/near the area, please stop on by. And if you can, share this event with anyone who might be interested.

There are also a bunch of extra shows that I’ve listed up in the column to the right and the Gigs page. Check it out if you’re interested.



Speak soon.