Fans, Friends and Family,


The Biennale gig was great fun. The boys played well and the crowd was diggin it. See if you can catch a glimpse of us in the following video:


Asahi Super Dry presents The 18th Biennale of Sydney’s ‘Art After Dark’: August 24th, 2012


Also, on Saturday I attempted my 7th Grade exam in Classical Guitar… And I’ve just discovered that I got an A. Hoorah!


Finally… I’ve just booked in a last minute gig at the Townie in Newtown, Sydney this Thursday night at 11pm. If you’re hanging out round the area, come on down! I know its late… but Thursday is practically the new Friday.


Speak soon.

Time for the second post of the day…

Rather than dwelling on the past… Let’s focus on the future! As in… 6 hours from now.


At 6:30pm tonight, I will be performing with Zeke Ruckman and John Clancy in a trio as part of the 18th anual Biennale Sydney. This gig is looking to be amazing. Here as a picture showing a small portion of what’s to be expected:

(Image: Kellie O’Demspey, Moving lines, 2011. Photograph: Alberto Sanchez)

For more info, you can check out the Biennale Website here:


I’ll let you know how it goes..



Hey strangers!

It has been quite a while in between posts. For this, I am deeply sorry…

On the plus side, heaps of stuff has been going on.

Website maintenance

We’ve finally rewritten my bio and put it up on the About page. No more ‘Needs Updating’. 😀


Over the past few weeks, Emma (manager) and I have been hard at working booking gigs near and far. Of those confirmed you can look right to the sidebar. There you will see a a gig at Hive Bar on the 28th from 7:30pm (this Thursday) and the 1st (Sunday) from 4pm, a gig at the Excelsior in Glebe this Saturday night 30th playing with Mirrors in Iceland, and a show at the UNSW Roundhouse in August. We’ve also been booking up into the festival scene. I’ll let you know how it goes. More gigs are still to be confirmed so I’ll keep you posted. (get it?)

Everyday life

I finished my prac at a highschool on friday, so now I’m busy practicing, writing, teaching and reading. Things are looking up. I love being busy, but on my own accord. 😉


On a positive note, I was featured in the Hills Shire Times this week. Here’s the clipping below:

An article of me from the Hills Shire Times

Speak soon.