New pics, vids, gigs. New look.

I’ve been very busy and very organised of late.

If you look to your right, you will notice some new dates up and locked in for gigs. Hoping that some of you reading this will consider coming along… even after all of the facebook and email flooding that will be received.

I have also uploaded some studio snaps taken with my iPhone to prove that I am actually recording an album and not lying about it… and uploaded more professional studio snaps (as in photography studio) which are completely attributed to the talents of Cindy at Live Photography. Seriously, she is amazing. Go to her website and check out her stuff. Now.

All of the Pics that you see on my facebook, bandcamp and main website front pages are taken by Cindy.

Check my Pictures section under “Media” to see these.


I also decided that I will be uploading 2 youtube videos a week. There have been 2 put up since my last post… I missed out on my 2 last week cause I had some freak flu and it is now Wednesday and I’ve got another full day in the studio. Lots of work to do still!

More gigs are yet to be confirmed and evented in Facebook.


Finally, do you like the new look? Kind of minimalist eh? All of my sites will be up to date soon enough.


Speak soon.

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