My Feelings on FTTN vs FTTH

Here in Australia, we have a new Prime Minister called Tony Abbott. With a new leader comes a new party and with that, differing (and at times opposing) policies which determine how we live today and how we will be affected in the future.

In case you were curious, I voted for the other guy. I am not going to spend time on this post getting super political and opinionated, but there are some such policies that I care passionately about and I fear that this new government will stuff them up.

One such policy is the implementation of a FTTN (Fibre to the Node) VS the original FTTH (Fibre to the Home) plan. FTTN will offer only 1/10 of the FTTH download speed and even worse upload speeds. These repercussions seem minuscule today… I mean FTTN will still be fast. A good comparison may be to think about the Sydney Harbour Bridge and its use of three lanes both ways. When this was being built and planned, 3 ways in both directions was considered more than excessive, now we consider it sufficient and are grateful for the forward thinkers of the past.

This decision will affect Australia’s education, hospitals, economy, and arts (to just name a few). Think of the creative possibilities when High Quality, uncompressed audio can be transferred between 2 parties in near real-time.

You can do your part by heading to this link and signing a petition (as well as reading some of the facts posted there). Please, pass it on once you are done. And spread the word!

This change of government doesn’t mean that everything good with the previous one should be thrown in the bin.

– Speak soon.

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