Announcing My Upcoming Single – I’m Coming Home

I am thrilled to unveil details about my new single I’m Coming Home, set for release on December 8. This track marks a return to my roots, with a sound that long-time listeners will find both familiar and fresh.

I’m Coming Home Cover Art Reveal

I’m particularly excited to reveal the cover art, beautifully illustrated by Gianluca Cardinale:

I'm Coming Home cover art

Inspiration and Songwriting

The inspiration for I’m Coming Home comes from my daily commute, where I sought to tap into the guitar tones and songwriting styles of 1960s Laurel Canyon legends. This track was penned across my regular route, evolving into something deeply personal.

Production and Recording

I’m fortunate to have incredibly talented friends lend their musicianship to I’m Coming Home. The drums and mellotron were recorded by producer Ollie Brown, who surprised me by incorporating lush mellotron tape loop strings. They provide a gorgeous bed in the mix, though subtly placed.

Pedal steel and multi-instrumental wizard Jolyon Gray also delivers a soaring solo that lifts the track to new heights. His playing helps this song really take flight. Having Ollie and Jo bring their magic really elevated I’m Coming Home sonically. I’m grateful for their artistry and musicianship.

Alternative Release Strategy for I’m Coming Home

In a previous post, I discussed the economics of releasing independent music today. With this release, I wanted to experiment with an alternative model by offering fans an exclusive free mp3 download when they pre-save I’m Coming Home.

Offering a free download makes me nervous, but today’s streaming landscape already necessitates giving music away for free just to be heard. At least this way there is a mutual benefit in building my mailing list and getting my single directly to dedicated fans.

I hope you’ll join me on December 8 when the full single drops across all platforms. Don’t miss this exclusive download opportunity by pre-saving now via the link below:

Download I’m Coming Home for free

Is this a mistake? Let me know if you have any other ideas for how I can creatively distribute my music. In the end, I just want my songs to resonate with those who connect to my sound – however that happens in today’s world.

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