A Beginner Guitar Lesson

Lately, all of my posts have been about gig and website updates. This is only great as a sometimes thing… So I figure, it’s time to give something back.

In addition to performing on stage and practicing in my bedroom, I also teach guitar privately and have been doing so for about 8 years. In fact, that’s my main source of income… We all know that nobody can live off moneys from original music. At least not in Australia.

I’ve decided to post up some teaching resources and useful stuff for people looking to learn or improve their guitar abilities.

Attached to this post is the Guitar Pro and PDF file for a little compilation of simple songs that I’ve put together. I plan on adding more to this later. Maybe I’ll update it in a few months…

About this resource

When somebody first learns guitar, I use this resource to:

a.) Teach the fundamentals of reading TAB

b.) Illustrate and teach the use of basic rhythms

c.) Improve dexterity and coordination between right and left hands

d.) Quickly build up basic repertoire and bring about the kind of satisfaction that encourages continual practice on the instrument

Download PDF

Download Guitar Pro file


There it is. It’s yours to freely use and give out.


Speak soon.

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