I love House Concerts. They are intimate, personal and musically fulfilling. These are often the gigs where people feel comfortable enough to have a big chat before or after the show. They are the gigs where you can get adequately deep on lyric backstory or the songwriting process. House Concerts make it easier to authentically connect through the power of music. For me, this is what writing and performing is all about. In an effort to more actively pursue the kind of shows that I love playing, I’ve created a new page on my website where anyone can easily book me to perform at their house. No matter the location. Click on my menu now to have a look.

“Lullaby in the Key of Relief” at the spectacular Red Dog Studio Sessions. One of my favourite House Concert setups in Sydney.

I want to reach new fans and develop a network of a long-lasting, real connections with other music-lovers. I want to share music in a way that regularly leaves an impact.

While organisations such as PARLOUR (there are a bunch more) are doing really good things for the Music Industry in Australia, these setups still require the use of a ‘middle-man’. As a completely self-funded, self-motivated and self-sufficient independent artist with a relatively small fanbase, I feel like this is a pursuit that I could find greater success in when fans can book me directly (here).

I have now recorded and released 3 full-length records, including an EP, and toured nationally. My social media game isn’t too bad, as you can see from this (out-of-the-blue) blog post. I write often and I am happy with the songs that I create. Still, I am yet to find satisfaction in all of the shows that I perform. I understand that most musicians accept this as the norm. I don’t want to have to be picky about venues and dates, I want to play more.

I think House Concerts are the answer.

Convinced? Sick of me rambling? Go to the House Concerts page now.

On this page, you’ll find an FAQ with all necessary information and a form to complete. If you’re more of a Facebook person, feel free to also drop me a line via the contact button on my facebook page.

Don’t be shy, book me for a House Concert.

As of writing, I am currently at the halfway point of my final Prac in Music Teaching over at St. Patrick’s College in Sutherland. The prospect of finishing this degree, which has occupied 90% of my time over the past 4 years, is a very exciting one. Only 3 weeks left (including this one). I have to say that this experience has been an entirely positive one. I’m placed at a great school with polite kids and dedicated staff.

Recording is also gradually moving forward. We worked on piano the weekend before last on a beautiful mini-grand steinway.

Recording Piano

You can expect a few songs to be listenable over the next month. I’ll put some unmastered versions up when I get a chance. I also plan on handing them out to local radio as a taster prior to the full album release.

Also to mention a few notable gigs over the next 3 weeks:

  • This Thursday I will be playing a solo gig over at the UNSW White House from 4pm.
  • This Sunday I will be playing as a trio with the Henderson brothers (Nick and Cam) over at Kirribilli Markets from 11:30am-2:30pm.
  • On Thursday the 19th I will be playing one solo set in support of ILUKA over at The Bucket List at Bondi Beach.

While I’m on that topic, ILUKA has just released her wonderful EP ‘Glory Days’. Check it out if you get a chance.

Facebook her @ https://www.facebook.com/ilukamusic


As a final point to this entry, I have also recently uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures to this website. These include snaps from the House Concert that I held early last month and new pics documenting the studio process.

Here’s one from the House Concert that I really like: 🙂


P.S. I cut my hair. It’s short now. 😮


(Note to self: I really need to get some more live videos up on this site!)


Speak soon.