Fans, Friends and Family,


The Biennale gig was great fun. The boys played well and the crowd was diggin it. See if you can catch a glimpse of us in the following video:


Asahi Super Dry presents The 18th Biennale of Sydney’s ‘Art After Dark’: August 24th, 2012


Also, on Saturday I attempted my 7th Grade exam in Classical Guitar… And I’ve just discovered that I got an A. Hoorah!


Finally… I’ve just booked in a last minute gig at the Townie in Newtown, Sydney this Thursday night at 11pm. If you’re hanging out round the area, come on down! I know its late… but Thursday is practically the new Friday.


Speak soon.


My writing of this post represents something great…It represents my intention to maintain this blog as something constant. Let’s set ourselves a goal of maybe 3-4 times a week? Yeah? Yeah.

Moving on..
As of late, I’ve been slaving away on my Vodafone iPhone-tethered internet to get this website int0 some kind of presentable shape. I’ve added pages, content and fixed up visuals. Pretty soon I’ll start slamming the Facebook and Twitter universes and alerting all to its existence. 😉

Besides this geeky usage of my time, I’ve also been working on my classical guitar repertoire and preparing for prac in a high school.
What? What?! You say ahh?
Yeah… for those unaware, I’m in my 3rd year of a Bachelor Music/Bachelor Education degree at UNSW in Sydney and will be doing the above very soon. (Prac tomorrow, exam 2 weeks)

For anyone interested… My classical repertoire currently includes:
I from 14  ETUDES by Maximo Diego PUJOL
La melanconia by Mauro Giuliani
Menuet I and Menuet II from Cello Suite I by J.S. Bach
and lastly one of my favourites…
The Old Spanish Castle is Full of Vampires, Sleeping from Gothica by Phillip Houghton

To share the pure brilliance of a composer like Houghton, I’ve included a pic of Spanish Castle. Did I mention that he is a Sydney-Sider? I’m also pretty proud of how it looks colour-wise. I’ve done so to make more sense of dynamic changes and to provide intensity with visual(accents etc). I’m also hoping that it will help me in my interpretation.

Spanish Castle sheet music coloured in!


I promise I’ll add some Youtube videos when my recording setup is sorted..

Speak soon!