Reflections on the Journey: A Return to Music – Part 2

Rediscovering my Sound: Unexpected Songwriting Styles

Greetings music lovers,

In this blog post, I invite you to join me on a sonic adventure as I explore the evolution of my songwriting style during my recent(ongoing?) period of obscurity. Life’s demands and external factors have shaped my journey in unexpected ways, leading me to discover new sounds and genres. Today, I’ll share with you my experiences of rediscovering my voice and redefining the boundaries of my music.

Unforeseen Combinations

Embracing new musical territories has been an exciting endeavor, leading me to explore sonic soundscapes I hadn’t originally planned on traversing. While folk and alt-country have been my musical roots for years, my growing confidence with digital composition and experimentation in Logic Pro X through sampling and production, and a newfound appreciation for VST instruments and plugins, has infiltrated my creative process and introduced some electronic elements where none previously existed. These unexpected genre fusions have unlocked new dimensions of creativity and expression within my music.

How have these diverse influences transformed my sound and expanded the palette of emotions I can convey through my songs?

My current home studio setup

Embracing Serendipity

Some of the most beautiful creations arise from unexpected moments of inspiration. Over the past few years, I have allowed myself the freedom to indulge in spontaneous songwriting sessions, incorporating technology in addition to organic flow.

See my songwriting parameter generator, which has since evolved further.

These unscripted moments have become a testament to the artistic growth that continues to occur. By embracing serendipity and letting my creative instincts guide me, I have discovered an authentic representation of my artistic evolution.

How have these unplanned songs and unfiltered moments of creativity become a true reflection of my musical journey?

Stay tuned for the next post in this reflection series, where I delve into the concept of relevance and address the doubts that lingered during my absence from releasing music.

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