Post 1/2 .. a trip to New Zealand!

Hey everyone!

Firstly, I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to leave this blog so long without a post. I’m not very good with the whole internet punctuality thing. Heaps has been happening since my last update. SO… I’m posting two blogs right now. Yes two.

Here are some of those happenings:

Went to South Island of NZ and more specifically Queenstown for 11 days with my girlfriend, best mate and his wifey.
Here, we did some sight seeing, carved up the slopes with some skiing (I’m heaps radical), I dropped my phone is Lake Takapo and it survived (barely), we attended an open mic jam, went horse riding, made a snowman, watched the LOTR trilogy,and loads of other fun stuff. MAN, this blog post should be sponsored by Tourism New Zealand.

Want some pics? here they are:

Cameron and Sam at an Open Mic Night

***In this pic is my good friend Cameron Henderson backing me up while I play some blues harp at an open mic night

Devourer of iPhones

*** The beautiful Lake Takapo. Devourer of iPhones.

*** I just had to show off this snowman that Gillian and I made

*** We rode our horses along this stoney valley filled with rivers and stuff. I’m extremely pumped, as you can see.

That concludes my first post of the day. Check back in a few hours!


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