House Concerts

I love House Concerts. They are intimate, personal and musically fulfilling. These are often the gigs where people feel comfortable enough to have a big chat before or after the show. They are the gigs where you can get adequately deep on lyric backstory or the songwriting process. House Concerts are a way to authentically connect through the power of music. For me, this is what writing and performing is all about.

Want more information on House Concerts? See Wikipedia.

Performing at and Hosting House Concerts
Here I am, playing at one of House Concerts that I hosted back in early 2013. 
Notice the luscious locks.

For the above reasons and more, I have decided to open myself up to playing at your house. Wherever you live (even international), I’d like to see if we can book in a show. If you are located a big distance from Sydney (Australia), I will try to organise a tour or multiple shows around your concert. For those who are extra enthusiastic, you could help to organise a House Concert around one of my gigs. Let’s see if we can make it work.

House Concerts FAQ

Interested in hosting a gig? Please read this before you fill out the below form.

Can I book you for my Partner’s Birthday Party?

Yes! But this is not a House Concert. The people attending are there for your Partner and probably don’t want to sit around listening to music. They want to dance and socialise. Parties and similar are usually better suited as cover gigs. Ask me for a quote.

Do you do covers?

I perform original music. I am happy to throw in some covers or requests but fundamentally, I am a songwriter performing my songs.

Do we need to provide a PA or amplification?

I have my own PA. This is only recommended for those larger rooms or backyard settings.

Will you play House Concerts for tips?

No. My base rate for a performance is $300. This helps to pay for petrol, food and general survival as an artist. I strongly recommend that you ask your guests to chip in around $15.
20+ people will easily cover it.

Is there a minimum amount of people that can attend?

No! I am happy to play to as little as 5 people. As long as everyone is there to listen and my base rate is covered, attendance numbers don’t matter.

Do you perform solo or as a band?

Both! The base rate for a band, however, is more expensive. This will be a minimum fee of $600. If you’re looking for a drummer and bigger setup, it’ll probably cost even more than that. I need to try and keep my band happy.

How long will you play for?

I will play for 2x 45min sets at each concert. If we’re having a fun time, I’ll keep playing – at the discretion of the host.

Do we need to provide anything else besides the people and space?

I’d really appreciate if you could throw in some food and drinks. For those on properties and similar, a bed or couch would also be more than welcome.


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