Double Vision: The September Singles

Here I am on the second day of November 2023, updating my new, swish blog almost 4 months since my last post. So much has occurred in these past months for me, and in the world that we live – much more than I have the energy to reflect upon, nor you have the patience to sift through. Since this is primarily a blog about me and my music, let’s first take a moment to cover the stuff considered most relevant – my two singles.

Two Singles

Since my last post, I have released TWO SINGLES. Not one, but two.

Tell Me That You Love Me – An Electronic Experiment

The first track, Tell Me That You Love Me, released on September 1, is an experimental venture into the world of solo electronic production, where I played or programmed everything in the song. I’m stoked with how it all turned out and I’m already taking some of the learnings from this endeavour forward into other works and projects.

Two singles in September - Tell Me That You Love Me

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Yes – A Foray into the Political

The second track, released on September 11, is a song that was simply titled Yes. Anyone in the ‘business’ will tell you how bad of an idea it is to release two singles in such close succession. But deperate times – desperate measures. This song was my first foray into the world of political and protest music.

Yes was my (unsuccessful) attempt to have some sort of impact on the recent Australian referendum to determine whether the First Peoples of Australia should be recognised in the constitution through the enshrining of a Voice to Parliament. For once, putting out and promoting the track wasn’t the difficult part. I found myself extremely emotionally invested in the whole campaign, which led to countless hours spent on social media either defending the song or trying to engage with people who has already made their minds up.

I don’t remember ever feeling so emotionally drained, which was made worse by the disappointing and disheartening outcome. Following this, I decided to have a break from social media for the majority of October.

No Regrets

It’s a funny thing, putting so much time and energy into a piece of art the was only meant to hold relevance within a small window of time. Still, I’m proud of the result and I don’t regret a thing.

Two singles in September - Yes

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Other Ways to Listen to the Two Singles

Both of these tracks are also available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, TIDAL and everywhere else. My Music page provides many of the common links to my music catalogue across the various platforms.

Upcoming Musings…

In my next post, I’ll be digging into something not-so related to music. Something that I’ve been recently been putting a lot of thought into – habits. More on that later.


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