Here in Australia, we have a new Prime Minister called Tony Abbott. With a new leader comes a new party and with that, differing (and at times opposing) policies which determine how we live today and how we will be affected in the future.

In case you were curious, I voted for the other guy. I am not going to spend time on this post getting super political and opinionated, but there are some such policies that I care passionately about and I fear that this new government will stuff them up.

One such policy is the implementation of a FTTN (Fibre to the Node) VS the original FTTH (Fibre to the Home) plan. FTTN will offer only 1/10 of the FTTH download speed and even worse upload speeds. These repercussions seem minuscule today… I mean FTTN will still be fast. A good comparison may be to think about the Sydney Harbour Bridge and its use of three lanes both ways. When this was being built and planned, 3 ways in both directions was considered more than excessive, now we consider it sufficient and are grateful for the forward thinkers of the past.

This decision will affect Australia’s education, hospitals, economy, and arts (to just name a few). Think of the creative possibilities when High Quality, uncompressed audio can be transferred between 2 parties in near real-time.

You can do your part by heading to this link and signing a petition (as well as reading some of the facts posted there). Please, pass it on once you are done. And spread the word!

This change of government doesn’t mean that everything good with the previous one should be thrown in the bin.

– Speak soon.

As of writing, I am currently at the halfway point of my final Prac in Music Teaching over at St. Patrick’s College in Sutherland. The prospect of finishing this degree, which has occupied 90% of my time over the past 4 years, is a very exciting one. Only 3 weeks left (including this one). I have to say that this experience has been an entirely positive one. I’m placed at a great school with polite kids and dedicated staff.

Recording is also gradually moving forward. We worked on piano the weekend before last on a beautiful mini-grand steinway.

Recording Piano

You can expect a few songs to be listenable over the next month. I’ll put some unmastered versions up when I get a chance. I also plan on handing them out to local radio as a taster prior to the full album release.

Also to mention a few notable gigs over the next 3 weeks:

  • This Thursday I will be playing a solo gig over at the UNSW White House from 4pm.
  • This Sunday I will be playing as a trio with the Henderson brothers (Nick and Cam) over at Kirribilli Markets from 11:30am-2:30pm.
  • On Thursday the 19th I will be playing one solo set in support of ILUKA over at The Bucket List at Bondi Beach.

While I’m on that topic, ILUKA has just released her wonderful EP ‘Glory Days’. Check it out if you get a chance.

Facebook her @


As a final point to this entry, I have also recently uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures to this website. These include snaps from the House Concert that I held early last month and new pics documenting the studio process.

Here’s one from the House Concert that I really like: 🙂


P.S. I cut my hair. It’s short now. 😮


(Note to self: I really need to get some more live videos up on this site!)


Speak soon.

You know what’s really daunting? Looking at a blog such as the one on my website and thinking about what to write. How am I going to fill out enough words to justify this post as readable?
I’ve had an epiphany. I don’t need to write up long posts. Small and sharp is where it’s at.
Expect more updates… shorter updates…

New gigs have been added to my calendar on the right. A big highlight of these is the gig at the Union Hotel in Newtown this Thursday night. I’ve organised the guys to play with me for it. Big expectations 😉

Recording has been halted lately due to life commitments. But it should kick back up shortly.

I’ve also just moved house! I’m now living in Marrickville.


Speak soon.