Hey all,

Just a quick post with this one. I started editing and uploading some live videos that were recorded at the Marrickville Newsagency earlier this month but gave up due to poor sound quality from a swivelling fan in the room. Even still, the first three songs are there and I’ve compiled them as a playlist for anyone keen on having a watch/listen.

Here’s the link:


I’ve also decided to start adding all of my cover gigs to the gig page. While giving me a chance to populate that section with tonnes of information, it’ll also give anyone who is keen on seeing me in cover mode a chance to check it out.

That’s all from me for now.


-Speak soon.

What a massive break between posts! 2012 was a massive year and 2013 is going to be even bigger.

Over the past few months, I’ve been busy recording an album with help from the wonderfully talented and polite Pat O’Grady on Engineering/Production. Here is Pat’s website: https://www.pogmusic.com/

We have a solid 11 tracks making the cut so far with half already having drums and bass recorded. The remaining rhythm foundations will be recorded next Tuesday. Expect this album around the middle of the year… maybe earlier? Depends how productive I am.

Also! I’ve been booking in some new gigs. So far, I have one at the Union Locked in, some more Rozelle Markets, some Sappho Bookstore gigs on the way, some at the Marrickville Newsagency, and perhaps a tour! Keep an eye on that Gigpress bar to the right.. I’ll also make facebook events for the important ones.

Make sure you check out the videos page, I’m recording and putting up a whole lot more content. (2 videos today already!)

Here’s a link to my Videos Page.


Finally, I’m keeping a soundcloud page updated with tracks that don’t make the cut for official recordings. Here are two that I’m particularly proud of:

Sunny Road (Emiliani Torrini Cover)
This Decision Could Be Very Costly (Original)

Oh, also thought I might mention that I recently bought a 13″ Retina Macbook Pro. This thing is killer.

More content to come..


Speak soon.

I woke up on this overcast, rainy sunday with the intention of posting about a gig that I have this Wednesday at Sappho’s (see sidebar on right or facebook event here)…However, following a quick email check, I discovered that one of my heroes – The great finger and flat picking bluegrass/country/americana guitarist Doc Watson has sadly passed away at the ripe old age of 89.
The email was part of a newsletter that I receive from the great tuition site Homespun Tapes.

The email read:

REMBERING DOC WATSON  3/3/1923 – 29/5/2012

It’s hard to put into words the profound impact we felt when we first heard Doc Watson’s old-time songs and guitar picking. Since he arrived on the national scene in the early ’60s, generations of players have been inspired to try their hand at “Black Mountain Rag” or “Deep River Blues,” but rarely has anyone achieved the subtle tone and rock-solid rhythmic pulse that Doc seemed to do so effortlessly. His music has been heard by millions, but it was his down-home humility and brilliant, inquiring mind, as much as his musical virtuosity, that captivated his friends and fans. 

Here at Homespun, we were honored to have worked with Doc on two instructional DVDs. Our friendship with him also led to our annual participation as sponsors in MerleFest, the great music event he hosted not far from his home in Deep Gap, NC. Doc will be greatly missed, but his music will live on as long as people sing traditional mountain songs and pick fiddle tunes and country blues on banjos and guitars.


To show my respect for such an artist, I’ve decided to spend all of today learning a few of his tunes to play this Wednesday evening at Sappho’s. I’ll try and get someone to video so I can post up here.

Also! The Sappho’s gig has no wet weather plan and is out in a courtyard, so fingers crossed that the rain holds out!